Behind the Scenes of Melvin Varghese’s Mastermind

Today on the Brand Your Practice Podcast we’re going behind the scenes into Melvin Varghese’s STC Elite Mastermind where therapists gather to build and grow an online course.

I just complete the mastermind and during that time I was able to launch the Private Pay Practice program.

Melvin Varghese is a licensed psychologist in Philadelphia, PA. In 2015, he founded Selling The Couch, a podcast to help therapists move from clinical to online income.

On the podcast, he interviews successful practitioners about how they’ve built their practices, social media/marketing experts, and shares lessons as he uses our clinical skills to create an online business powered by podcasting and online courses.

We discuss:

  • What lead Melvin to create the mastermind?
  • What was an early mistake he made?
  • How he thinks about scaling vs. focusing on the personal touch?


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Private Practice Marketing Secrets Course
Private Pay Practice Program
Private Pay Practice Program
Intake CRM for Therapists
Intake CRM for Therapists

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