We’re here to help you grow your private practice. Choose a option that’s right for you.

Private Practice Marketing Secrets

eCourse – $297 | NEW

This self study e-Course reveals every branding & marketing tactic used to grow one private practice in 3 years:

  • From $0 to $70,000 monthly in revenue
  • From 1 to 10 clinicians
  • All 100% private pay (no contracting with insurance!)

If you’re looking to grow your case load, your private practice, or would like to start a private practice, this course is for you!


Brand Your Clinical Skills

Most mental health clinicians spend $1000’s on their clinical skills but have not idea how to brand them.  This course will show you how. 

Update Your Website

After this course, you’ll have a better idea of what words to write and where to put them on your website so your ideal client will WANT to schedule an appointment with you.

Develop Your Marketing Strategy

This course will help you create a simple & reliable marketing strategy to grow a pipeline of new clients for your private practice. 

This will take you to my e-Course platform “Play Therapy Toolbox”

Sales Funnel Audit


Worried your website is losing potential clients?

Get a video audit of your website with:

  • Tips to optimize your website to convert clicks into clients.
  • Discover if your website is SEO optimized for Google local search.
  • Ideas for your lead-magnet to collect email addresses. 

Your website should be a 24/7 selling machine. If you’re not receiving new intakes, then your website may be robbing you of potential clients. 


Website Video Review

I’ll record a video auditing your website and I’ll share it so you’re able to download and keep for yourself. 


One 30-Minute Follow Up

To answer any questions you may have about the review or… anything related to growing your case load or private practice!

Private Practice Partnership Plan

Cost: Custom

Looking for a complete, done-for-you marketing partner to grow your practice?

This option may be available if you are looking for:

  • Complete Website Buildout or Redesign
  • Complete Sales Funnel
  • Custom videos for your website
  • Google Ads Management
  • Google My Business & Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing

Note: We only accept 1-2 partnership clients per year. This is long term partnership that has generated $100,000’s for clients.

See CASE STUDY of Partnership Client

FAQ’s About the Partnership Plan

So, what’s the biggest benefit of the partnership plan?

The biggest benefit of the partnership plan is that it takes the financial risk off of the practice owner, and puts it on Brand Your Practice.  In the beginning, we’ll build out a website & sales funnel that would typically cost $20,000 to build. 

But, overtime, the practice owner will grow and become more and more profitable, which will also benefit Brand Your Practice. 

We only work with mental health professionals so we know all the in-and-outs of running and scaling a private practice.

At the end of the day, we partner with you to create a sustainable and highly profitable private practice which will help create a lifestyle you want to live and increase your impact on the communities that you serve. 

Is the partnership plan a good fit for me?

We have found that the partnership program fits best with those who are looking to scale up their private practice and who are at the beginning of that process. 

We have also found that practice owners who have 1 to 3 clinicians but want to grow their practice are the best fit for a partnership plan.  But, we’ve worked with practice owners who already have more than 3 clinicians currently working.

We can discuss more about it during a discovery call. 

How much does this cost?

Because most practice owners do not have the budget for a full-time marketing team, the partnership plan is incentive-based. That is, we only get paid when the practice owner gets paid. 

So in exchange for providing a full-suite of marketing and private practice support, we earn a percentage of gross revenue- typically 10%.  

So, for example, if a practice owner is just starting out, and they are only making $4,000 a month, our fee would be $400.

How long does the partnership last?

Great question! We view this relationship as a long-term investment in each other.  That’s why we are VERY PICKY with whom we partner with. It has to be a good fit where both sides trust each other.

(So, if you have trust issues, this partnership probably isn’t a good fit for you.) 

Our goal, however, is to provide such amazing value in growing your private practice that you can’t imagine not partnering with us.

And, that has proven to be true. Since starting, we’ve never lost a partnership client.