Business Owners Are Asking the Wrong Question

“Most business owners are asking the wrong question when it comes to growing their business.


When I consult with business owners – whether it’s private practice owners, software companies, or engineering firms – they inevitably ask me this question,

“How do I get more customers to buy?”

This is the wrong question to ask.

Business owners should first be asking, “WHY?”

“Why should clients even do business with me? Why should customers even care that I exist?”

The first question, “How do I get more people to buy my product or service” is really a marketing question.

The second question business owners need to ask is the “why” – which is a branding question.

Most businesses don’t have a clear brand message that answers the “why” clients should buy your product or service.

In fact, most businesses that I’ve consulted with don’t have a brand message.

A clear brand message is the foundation of any marketing plan because it’s the words that you use to compel a client to do business with you.

No Hollywood movie is ever made without a script.

No movie producer would ever hire actors, a director, and build movie sets unless they first had a script. EVERY movie starts with a script, the foundation, the WORDS, that will be used to create a blockbuster hit.

The same goes for your business.

What script are you using to build your website and implementing your other marketing collateral? What’s your brand message that will compel and move potential clients towards your product or services?

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