Client Success Story: 90 New Leads in the First 3 Months

Revive Holistic Psychiatry is focused on providing a holistic approach to mental health. Dr. Oluranti Adepoju doesn’t just prescribe medication, she looks at her patients as a whole, to get a more complete picture on how to best support them, so they can get back to feeling more like themselves.


Pain Points/Challenge

To help Dr. Oluranti Adepoju create clear and focused branding to expand her practice and go full-time using:

  • Google Ads
  • Website
  • Blog content
  • Email newsletter



Since launching the website, on average Revive Holistic Psychiatry saw 30 new leads per month with 90 new client leads in the first 3 month of launching.


In these new leads there was a 22.2% conversion rate of new appointments bookings leading to potentially $52,000 in new revenue in 3 months.

Private Practice Marketing Secrets Course
Private Pay Practice Program
Private Pay Practice Program
Intake CRM for Therapists
Intake CRM for Therapists

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