How to Be An Awesome Podcast Guest

As the owner of Brand Your Practice I’ve hosted and guested on several podcasts. And here’s how to give your listeners an amazing audio, video, and content experience.

Here’s why these three things are important: First, you want the listener to remember you and your content. You want to be remembered as the expert in the area you’re talking about.

Second, you’ll provide the podcast host with quality audio and video to share with their audience.

Okay, so, let’s jump right into it!

Tip number 1: Give the listeners an amazing audio experience.

Here’s how you do it:

First, find a quiet room where you can reasonably expect that there will be no interruptions or background noise like children yelling, loud fans, or noise coming from outside your house.

Second, use headphones. This will cancel out any echoing or feedback that could occur and it will really clean up your audio and allow the host and your listeners to have an amazing audio experience.

Headphones that you can plug into your computer are the best. Bluetooth headphones can work, but they often struggle to connect to computers and occasionally the batteries die out and that interrupts the flow of the podcast.

My philosophy is: do everything you can to minimize interruptions.

SO, at a minimum, find a quiet room and always wear headphones.

Tip number 2: Give the listeners an amazing video experience

Many podcasts are recorded with video (including the one you’re going to be on). And to help us with this, I’m going to have a version of myself, back in 2020 talking about two things you want to avoid if you want to give clients an amazing telehealth experience.

Okay, on to tip number three on how to be an awesome podcast guest.

Tip number 3: Give the listeners amazing content they will remember

The best way to do this is to have your content in the form of a “listicle.” A listicle is something like, “3 Signs of Substance Abuse in Teenagers.” or “5 Common Signs of Anxiety & What To Do About It.”

Listicles like these will help your host and audience organize the content in their mind.

If you’re just getting started, structure your talking points like:
“3 items to do X” or “3 tips to accomplish Y” or “3 Ways To Discover Z” to talk about.

Here’s why:
First, sticking to 3 points will ensure that the podcast will not be too long,
Second, people will actually remember the content you worked hard to create.
And Third, it will be easier for you to talk about and remember.

So, stick to a simple “listicle” format for your content.

Also, it’s okay to have your talking points written out on your computer or a piece of paper. It’s okay to read from them or reference them during the podcast. You don’t have to memorize everything.

Alright, I have one bonus tip for you:

Bonus Tip: have a consistent internet connection.

You can’t record a remote podcast without a solid internet connection. Here’s my better-looking self again, explaining how to do that.

Okay! There’s my three tips to be an awesome podcast guest!

My team at Brand Your Practice understands that there are millions of people struggling with their mental health, and guesting on a podcast and sharing your knowledge is one way they can start the process of healing.

Because when people receive quality and compassionate mental health care, lives are saved, families are restored, and the world is a more hopeful place to live.

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Brent Stutzman
Brent Stutzman


Brent is the owner of Brand Your Practice and a digital marketing & branding expert who specializes in helping mental health professionals grow their private practices.

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